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War and Peace
March 13, 2008, 4:55 pm
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The war in Iraq usually bring more questions then answers.  The typical fare of inquiries run along the lines of, “Whey are we, the United States, even involved?”  Or even better, “Since we are mired in this military muck, why don’t we put all the resources into it available, clean the thing up and head home?”  Well, the political pundits will, with great rapidity, point out that the issue(s) are much more complex then that and more thought and money should be paid to their respective think-tanks.  One of the truths of the Iraq war is that President Bush has engaged the U.S. in nation-building again.  The success achieved in the days following World War II  with the Marshall Plan quickly turned sour with the subsequent failures to spread democracy in places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.    Of more recent date, the United States has partnered with the U.N. to try and bring the world over to the U.S. way of thinking.  Again, results have been less then stellar when the existant conditions in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, and Sierra Leone are brought to mind.

The U.S. has tried several different methods to share its view of the world.  Assistance in its various forms has been the preferred method.  This approach has not been met with open arms for the last thirty years, however.  The approach is met more with suspicion then anything else.  I would suggest a different,  less caustic approach.  By appealing to a nation’s all ready established cultural and religious norms that promote peace would meet with much less animosity.  Instead of trying to force feed Anglo-Saxon beliefs on countries with different norms and cultures, the U.S. should be using its diplomatic efforts to encourage change from within the existant country’s belief systems.  The Koran is replete with admonitions of peace and promises of glory for the peace-giver.  Political harmony is much more achievable by utilizing the existing beliefs then by using a fast-food delivery style that is immediately rejected and scorned.  ‘Nuff said.