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A Friend Gone
February 19, 2008, 9:35 pm
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The weekend has come and gone.  I attended the funeral of a close friend.  He wasn’t young and had been sick for quite a while.  For that part of his passing I was grateful, because he would not suffer from his body’s deterioration.  I had known him for at least forty years and because of the time we spent together, we had a friendship.  Not just a mere acquaintance, but a real bond between friends.  That is where the real hurt lays.  It lays in that I miss his wisdom.  I miss his humour.  I miss the twinkle in his eye when he would counsel me for my own good.

His death also drives another nail into the coffin of my youth.  He was one of the icons of my childhood, one of the heroes.   I think of those people as being eternal, immortal like my memories.  When he died, his passing reminded me that my youth is long gone, as well.  My memories as just puffs of time that no longer exist, just as the physical presence of my friend has gone the way of all things mortal.   But that is okay.  Underneath it all I know that the pattern of life stumbles along like this.  Birth comes, followed by a life and then the body fails and death brings its own chapter of experience.  The death of my friend reminds of my own mortality.  Time speeds along faster and faster with each year, drawing me closer to my own mortal end.  So it is for us all.


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